I have been asked, on occasion, if I photograph events.  That is, do I serve as the “official photographer” for weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate parties, or the like.  I typically do not, unless, of course, I have been asked to do so.

That is an admittedly flippant answer to a somewhat serious question.  I do not make a living from my photography, and would not want to take opportunities away from those photographers who do.  But there may come a day when I get fed up with the corporate rat race and decide to change careers totally.   I don’t have very many other marketable skills, but there’s a chance I could get by with photography.  So, then, I do not market myself as an event photographer, but if I am asked to be one, I am not likely to turn it down.  Especially if I am paid to do so.

As a result, I have not done very many events, but I have done a couple.  This means that I am not a complete neophyte when it comes to photographing events.  Should I get permission to post some photos from those events, I will do so, but until then take a look at some of the photos in my portfolio to get a feel of how I would photograph an event.