Music and Dance

I have a very interesting relationship with music, and I struggle to understand just what caused me to develop such a relationship.  Listening to music is difficult for me.  I can hear music just fine, and I enjoy hearing music, but actually listening to music is not something I learned how to do.  Music, for me, is very much in-the-moment, and being in-the-moment concepts like meter and key do not make any sense.  In fact, I was in college before someone explained to me the concept of “key” – and this was after I had been in my school band for seven years (even making it to first chair saxophone my junior year of high school).

Even though I can’t truly understand performed music, that does not stop me from either attempting to listen to it or attempting to write my own.  Whether what I write is any good is up for debate (well, finding someone to argue for “good” in a debate would probably be difficult), but I will present it here for the purpose of, well, presenting it.  It does me no good sitting around my house gathering dust when it can be gathering dust on the internet instead.  When (or if) I add more music, I will talk a little bit about it in the blog.  Look for the “Music” category.


Some background on roundsinging, as well as a couple original rounds.


I wrote a hymn.  Just one.


I have also written a short symphony.  That’s not to say it is a good symphony, but I think it counts.


I dance English and Scottish country dances and have written a couple of them.

Renaissance Music

An online repository of music that I have typeset for the renaissance choir that my wife is a part of.