Sartorial Choices

I was not enamored by fashion growing up. This was good, because we did not have a lot of disposable income. Many of my clothes came from Goodwill, and it was often a hassle to get me to go clothes shopping (still is, by the way). So it was quite unusual for me to find an article of clothing that I actually wanted. But it did happen. Once. At the Value City in Washington (PA), I saw this black and white and gray shirt on the rack and wanted it. My mother was reluctant to buy it (possibly due to the lack of disposable income), but I promised I would take care of it. And so I did. (You could say that by wanting this particular shirt, it proves that I was not enamored by fashion, but that is a different argument.)

I wore this shirt on several occasions; in some earlier posts, you can see it where I am doing magic in my high school cafeteria. But it is also the shirt I wore for my senior pictures (not the yearbook photos, but the ones to hand out to friends. Due to the lack of disposable income and the high photo package prices at the professional studios, mine were a Wal*Mart photo studio special).

Years passed, and the shirt became less black and white and gray and more dark gray and yellow gray and light gray. But I remembered I promised to take care of the shirt, and could never bring myself to get rid of it. And so I still have it. And it still fits (except around the neck). And its gradual lacking of contrast is somewhat appropriate, as time has added a bit of gray to my temples.

The first picture is late summer / fall 1993; the second is from tonight.