Feline Contentment

Tonight I was trying to get a summer garden still life, involving Zinnias, a string of cheap lights from Five Below, and citronella candles. No picture turned out as I wanted; this was a first attempt and I need to rethink some things and try again. But that’s the joy of still life – you can leave it and come back to it, try different things, and you won’t miss the moment.

This picture, on the other hand, was very much a moment that could be missed. As I was sitting on the ground, trying to get the shot of the garden, my cat came up to me and demanded to be petted. After a bit of petting, he set his head on my arm and patiently watched as I took shot after shot. Using my free left hand (my right hand and arm having been claimed by my cat), I turned the camera around on the tripod and angled it to capture Rilian.

Rilian has always loved me. I am not sure why, but I am definitely his human. He is abundantly happy and content to lie with his head on my arm. How content? This was a 30-second exposure. Not a thirtieth of a second. Thirty whole seconds. One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three — well, you get the idea.

You try to get any animal to lie there awake for thirty seconds without moving and blurring the exposure. This is one contented cat.